The world will end with the World Tree being set on fire by the Fire Giants of Muspelheim, who will be led in their war against Asgard by Loki. This has been foretold through prophecy. Many of the gods know their fates. Some are doomed to die, while some are doomed to live. The gods embrace their fate and only wish to die well.

This does not mean that they are just going to roll over and die. Prophecy is not always what it sounds like, and the exact wording of the prophecies have been long since lost. So the gods look for ways to tip the scales of balance in their favor.

Our heroes are godlings. Children of various gods who wish to influence the fate foretold in the Prophecies. They have been blessed with guides, relics, followers, divine powers, and creatures to help them in their task.

Their task is an epic quest, not easily undertook. They will face many perils in their adventures, not the least of which is Fate herself. However since they have the blood of the gods and giants running through their veins they, like their parents, can achieve godhood. Who knows even if the gods perish at the hands of the nefarious giants, perhaps it will be up to our heroes to continue the legacy of the Norse gods.

- As a side note the Adventure log is done with the most recent entry on top, so in order to read the events as they happened, you would have to read the bottom entry first.