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Scion is a game of legendary scale. Every character is the child of a god. They are raised as humans, but one day their parent comes to task them with embracing their divine heritage.

Our current campaign is set in the modern day with the events eventually leading up to Ragnarok. All the Characters are from the Norse Pantheon. The characters are on a quest to become gods and hopefully help end Ragnarok in a favorable way for the gods.

To help them in their epic quest, their parents blessed them with relics, guides, creatures, and followers.

The setting is a mostly modern day setting. It is only mostly modern say, because the gods have access to the world so certain things are different. As well as the standard mundane world, there are also epic locations that take the characters far from the ordinary.

Also in addition to the abilities, boons, purviews, birthrites, etc. found in the book, I will print any additions under New Stuff. The most obvious example of this is Jotunblut. Although it is rather cool in the higher levels, your minions are always going to be worthless. Therefore I’m altering it so that the cost is higher in both health levels and legend, but your minions are far more powerful.

Main Page

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