Illya Petrauskas

Justice is blind


Beneath the living shadows of his gray fedora he hides his face. He walks with a slight slouch and at 6’0” he stands just shy of what most people would consider tall. It is impossible to know for sure but beneath his long gray trench coat one might guess he is athletically built. He walks with the aid of a gnarled yet sturdy oak staff, but to the practiced eye he carries it with the familiarity and grace of an experienced martial artist. Simple black pants tucked into dirt stained black boots complete attire.

He is a quiet individual, only chiming in when necessary. While not exceptionally intelligent he is extraordinarily perceptive giving him great insight into the world and people around him. He is well aware of his capabilities and flaws, neither flaunting his advantages or excusing his disadvantages. Despite his lack of interest in social aspects, he actually greatly values companionship and loyalty. He respects all except those who have done something to warrant his mistrust or raise his ire.


Whispered in his ear as a small child, only he and his mother, Idun, know his true name. As in most things there lies a dormant sleeping power and in names there can be a power so great it can twist the very thread of fate.

To those he meets and to the United states government he is known as Illya K. Petrauskas, the immigrant from a little town in Lithuania called Vilnius. However to this day he has lived his 24 years while whispering his true name to no other soul.

As a small child Illya (6 years old) and his sister (3 years old) immigrated to the states when his father, who at the time was only 26, found his pockets quickly growing with wealth from American art patrons. While in the states Illya had a hard time adjusting to the bustling city life of New York city. His father found his niche and quickly became one of the most sought after artist in the states. Illya’s father, while a good man, had little to nothing in common with his son. His father bought Illya into the best private schools, and tried on a number of occasions to connect with his son. Illya like most student took little to no interest in any particular subject and found himself dreaming of a life beyond the self absorbed and pretentious New York socialites.

Young, Naive, ambitious, and free spirited Illya (age 16) set out into the world on his own leaving his sister and father behind, with nothing more then a note of reassurance. It was at this age that he knew he was different, that he unlike his sister was nothing like either his father or what he was told his mother was like. For four years Illya wandered the states living of the land and working odd jobs. Over the years he grew with a mature understanding of the world that sadly some people never see despite their age. Over the years Illya kept in loose contact with his father and sister through scarce telephone calls and letter correspondence. It was just a few months after his twentieth birthday that he learned his sister had been kidnapped and was now held for an impossible ransom.

In a hurry Illya found himself back in the city he had left what seemed like a lifetime ago. reunited with his father he learned just why his father could not pay the ransom, simply put it was impossible. The kidnapper’s demands where: 10 million dollars, 1 sprig of mistletoe, 1 throwing dart, a private plane, protection from Heimdall, and safe passage over Bifrost into Asgard(which Illya later learned was a rainbow bridge). It was obvious this man was insane or so Illya believed, yet his father seemed troubled as if this man were speaking more then just nonsense.

Illya using many of the skills he learned while on is own was able to track this man down. Valiant and courageous, almost to a point of recklessness Illya tried to overcome the man and rescue his sister, however this man, while obviously crazy, moved with a speed and hit with a strength Illya had never before seen. The kidnapper touched by Illya’s attempted rescue spared his life. With Illya on the floor staring vehemently into the eyes of this sister’s kidnapper despite his defeat, it was then that this man noticed Illya’s eyes, on green and the other blue. To prove his insanity, he promised to return his sister and withdraw all demands so long as Illya gave him his eyes. Knowing this man to be crazy and extremely dangerous Illya thought for a second, realizing that no one would ever be able to give this man his demands, Illya made his decision.

With the loss of his eyes the transaction went according to plan. With his sister back and in the safety of their house, they never heard from that crazed man again. For next few years Illya adjusted to life without eyes. It was during the next few years that he learned how to live life for the first time, he did not allow others to take pity on him, and made an effort to better himself despite the lack of sight. Again he left his home (age 23) and set out into the world to become independent despite his handicap. He gets by on little means and is comfortable without money or possessions. To this day he lives in the northern outskirts of New York and still maintains regular communication with his father and sister.

Illya Petrauskas

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