Gleb Kruglov

Scion of Thor

Strength – 5 (2) Charisma – 4 Perception – 2
Dexterity – 3 (2) Manipulation – 1 Intelligence – 2
Stamina – 4 (2) Appearance – 3 Wits – 3 (1)
Athletics – 5 Craft (Mechanic) – 3 Melee – 5
Awareness – 3 Fortitude – 3 Presence – 3
Brawl – 1 Thrown – 2
Command – 3
Control (Motorcycle) – 3
Relic – 3
Relic – 3
Boons (Possible not fully decided)
War – 1 & 2
Sky – 2
Courage – 4
Loyalty – 2
Expression – 1
Endurance – 4

Willpower – 8

Knacks (Still have one from strength to choose)
Opening Gambit Holy Bound Cat’s Grace
Untouchable Opponent Solipsistic Well-Being Body Armor

Legend 3

Freebies 2 on melee 2 on athletics 1 on relic 4 on sky boon (I talked to Jay about buying up rank 2 boons for 4 freebies we are going with that for now official ruling on Monday) 6 on raising courage and endurance virtue’s


Ilyana Kruglov was a Russian Peasant who gave birth to Gleb’s two brothers in the 60’s they both grew up as distinguished Spetsnaz soldiers for the former Soviet Union. In her later years After seeing the rise of her two previous sons Thor decided to allow Ilyana to bear his child. Gleb Kruglov was born in 1982. His mother was very old to have a child and died during Gleb’s teenage years. During this time he moved around a lot and was somewhat of a street ruffian. He stopped attending school and found he could make money doing mechanic work. He developed a love for motorcycles.

During a race Gleb had to put his motorcycle down because he was losing control as he quickly approached a gas station. His bike slid into the gas station. Just to spite Thor, Loki caused the gas station to explode. Loki did not want too much of Thor’s attention so he went with the subtle maneuver that Thor never figured out. As a result Gleb’s right side is badly scarred. The scar goes up to his neck but did not touch his face. Gleb frequently wear’s leather coats and gloves to hide his scars.

Gleb was always a very physical person growing up. Because of his interest in joining the military like his brothers, he has always been athletic and ready to fight. He never received any firearms training but he has always felt more comfortable with a knife, wrench, pool cue, baseball bat, tire iron, iron, large piece of wood, ice pick, axe, great sword, hammer, polearm, or such in his hand.

Gleb’s love for motorcycles actually took over his childhood dreams of following in his brother’s footsteps. He found his niche riding and racing. He was just getting comfortable with life and you could always find him riding or hanging out in a bar, until Ragnarok happened.

Gleb Kruglov

Ragnarok killdozer