Lee Zacchaeus Yuan Jia

Travelling Scholar

Attributes (Epic)
Physical Social Mental
Strength – 2 Charisma – 3 Perception – 2
Dexterity – 3 Manipulation – 5 (2) Intelligence – 4 (2)
Stamina – 2 Appearance – 3 Wits – 3 (2)
Academics* – 5 Brawl – 3 Investigation* – 2 Presence* – 4
Art (writing) – 1 Command – 3 Marksmanship – 2 Science (Mathematics) – 1
Athletics – 2 Empathy* – 3 Medicine – 3 Science (Physics) – 1
Awareness – 2 Integrity* – 2 Politics* – 2 Science (Chemistry) – 1
Followers 5 – Thralls (5) Relic 3 – Statue of Xie Zhi Relic 2 – Cellphone
Stench of Guilt Takes One to Know One Perfect Memory
Know-It-All Social Chameleon Don’t Need the Manual
Courage – 1 Endurance – 3 Expression – 4
Loyalty – 1
Where Are You? (Psychopomp 2) Mystery 1 Stolen Face (Illusion 2)

Willpower: 7

Total: 10 Spent: 5 Remaining : 5

NB1: Character is fluent in 9 languages. (English, Hebrew, Icelandic, Mandarin, German, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian)
NB2: Wants to learn more languages. In process of learning more already. (French, Thai, Swahili, Farsi, Greek, Latin, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish)

Character notes

Plans for weapons Long arm – HK417
Intermediate arm – HK UMP-45
Tertiary arm – HK USP .45 Tactical
CQC – gung fu bitches (gung fu taken to mean the various martial arts styles that he has trained in), will also have weapons for kali (escrima stick and daggers) (treated as macana and hadseax)

Full Name: Yuan Jia Zacchaeus Lee Bar Kokhba
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Height/Weight: 5’7” / 128 lbs
Place of birth: Reykjavik, Iceland

Educational background: Started attending college at the age of 11. Graduated at age of 14 at UCLA with a double major in Mathematics and Linguistics/Philosophy. Got a Joint MSc Philosophy and History of Science from the London School of Economics with King’s College, London at 16. Got his Ph.D in Political Science and M.D. from the University of Oslo at 18.

Family Mother: Lee Sai Fung aka Sai Fung Bar Kokhba
Father: Forseti (known as Francis Glitnir)
Grandfather/Zeyde: Zacchaeus Bar Kokhba (adopted)
Grandmother/Amma: Eydis Fridriksdottir Bar Kokhba (adopted)


Lee Sai Fung was a Chinese national that went to school in the United States (NYU) on an exchange program. There she meets Francis Glitnir (also on exchange program), falls in love and gets impregnated by him. Does not find out about it until she gets back to China where her parents disown her because of her indiscretion. Makes her way to Iceland because that is where Francis told her he was from. She does not find him but befriends old Jewish man named Zacchaeus Bar Kokhba and his wife, Eydis. They had no children and took her in out of the cold (literally). They treat her like the daughter they never had and she eventually takes their name. Gives birth in Reykjavik on April 1.

Grew in a strange Chinese/Jewish/Icelandic household. Still a relatively normal kid but always got his way. Had lots of friends growing up and was pretty much leader of the group. Did some community theatre growing up and continued to do theatre in school. Found while doing theatre that he loved to write stories. Would make up excuses when he was caught doing something bad so that he would not get into trouble. Mother was only one who could tell and that was only some of the time. Also found that he had quite the capacity for languages. Easily picked up English and Mandarin so his zeyde taught him German and Hebrew and his amma taught him Icelandic. Schools did not know what to do with him so his mother decided to start buying college level texts for him to self study. By age of 11, convinced teachers to let him take matriculation exams to move beyond upper secondary education and decided to go to UCLA (where his grandparents met).

Family moved with him to live in Santa Monica while he attended school. Zeyde was a pretty successful business man (gun smith and entrepreneur) and funded his education. While in LA, expressed an interest in his Chinese heritage and martial arts in general so mother signed him up for classes at the Inosanto Academy in Marina Del Rey. Trained in martial arts here for the entirety of his UCLA education. Found that he was relatively good at it and has continued to practice since. Did not take summers off so was able to graduate in a few years as Summa Cum Laude. Main reason he gets this is because anytime he gets a grade he didn’t like, he would go to teacher and convince it to make the grade higher. Moved from there to London where he attended London School of Economics and graduates with honors. When finished there, moved to Norway to get his Ph.D. and M.D. at University of Oslo. Family pretty much follows him the entire way.

At 18, after graduating with his Ph.D. and M.D., grandparents and mother decide to move back to Iceland while he decides to travel the world to get world experience instead of taking a position in a hospital. Basically, he does his own ‘Doctors Without Borders’ thing while wandering throughout Europe and ending up (wherever you need him to be now). His zeyde gives him a present to send him off: a custom HK USP .45 Tactical.

A few times in his past he remembers seeing a certain man (Forseti) in the audience of his plays and graduations. Man stands out firmly in his memory as handsome, with a smile that was directed at him. There was something about the man’s eyes that was vaguely familiar. It wasn’t until the spring of his 20th birthday that he figured out the meaning behind those eyes.

It had been a long day that came at the end of an even longer week.

Just a few days after his 20th birthday, Zacchaeus boarded a plane bound for Gaza. He had spoken with a friend of his from medical school that was working in the region and found that they were in desperate need of trained doctors. The fighting had started to escalate in the area and many, civilians and soldiers alike, were not getting the medical attention they required. The native ‘doctors,’ the term being used very loosely, were just not able to keep up with the demand. His old med school friend, Cynthia, offered him a position in a hospital that had just been established to help train medical students and, being the pedagogue and idealist that he was, Zac accepted in an instant. His tenure at the hospital was only to last until the end of the summer, with the option of being extended depending on how things went. Because he wanted to get started as soon as he could, all the preparations were done quickly and the day of his departure came faster than expected. Soon, he found himself in the desert sands of Khan Yunis, a refugee camp located in the southern half of the strip.

After the long plane flight and a long drive to the camp, Zacchaeus found himself immediately put to work. There had been a rocket attack on the camp just before he arrived and many were injured. Rolling up his sleeves and carrying his handy medicine bag on his back, he went around the camp helping all those that could not make it to the hospital. 18 hours and scores of treatments later, Cynthia found him treating a child that had been hit in the head by falling debris. Taking over for him, she told him that he should get some rest or he might start doing more harm than good. Because he found it difficult to fall asleep in planes, it had been more than 40 hours since he slept last. Agreeing with her diagnosis, he started back to the doctor’s living quarters, leaving her with the promise he would be back soon.

When Zac finally crawled into his bed to find blessed sleep, the sun was starting to rise over the desert sands. It is either yesterday or tomorrow because of the time changes and he is just too tired to figure out which. His eyelids feel heavy but he doesn’t even feel them closing before he falls to sleep. He does notice a falling sensation before he loses consciousness.

Waking with a start, Zacchaeus finds himself feeling disoriented. Taking a peek outside, he sees that the sun is well past its zenith. He estimates that he has been asleep for 6-7 hours. Feeling his appetite start to act up, he starts to rummage in his medical pack for the loaf of taboun bread that he was given to him by a grateful patient the night before. When he finds the loaf and takes a bite, he notices an unfamiliar case sitting next to his pack and is startled when he hears a tune coming from it. It sounded like the well known opening to Act III of Wagner’s Die Walküre.

“What the… Ride of the Valkyries? What is that coming from?”

Even more curious now, Zac opens the case and finds inside a small statue of a Xiezhi and a cellphone that is blinking to inform him that it has one new voicemail message. Upon seeing the items, his memory of the visitation all comes back to him in a rushing torrent.

Zacchaeus opens his eyes and finds himself in a courtroom unlike any he has ever seen before, especially since it had streamers and a large “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” sign hanging over the judge’s chair. Looking around the room, he finds its only other occupant sitting in the juror’s booth. It was a lanky man dressed in a judge’s robes, sitting with his hands steepled and a broad smile on his face. There was something about him that was familiar though and it took Zac just another second to figure it out.

That strange man is the first to speak.

“I know it’s late but Happy Birthday, Zacchaeus!”

“Those eyes… I know those eyes…”

“Well,” said the man, “I should think so. They are the same ones that you have.”

The realization hits him like a two-ton truck. This man was right. The grey eyes that he was now looking into were the same as the ones that he saw every time he looked in a mirror. They were also the ones that he remembered seeing at all the important events of his life. Those times flashed in his mind. His graduations… His white coat ceremony… Even the day he played his first lead as Tiny Tim… Those eyes were at all of them. With this realization comes a second one: This man in the robes was his father.

“Funny how things turn out sometimes isn’t it?” the man says, coming out from behind the booth to stand before of Zacchaeus. “Things aren’t always as they appear. Take you, for instance. People were always saying that you couldn’t completely be human. You had to be part computer, what, with the way you retain so much information. Well, I will tell you now that they were right to an extent: you aren’t completely human. However, I am no computer. I am much greater than that.

I am glad that you are a wise and insightful young man for it gives me hope. That will make this go much more smoothly than for most. My name is Forseti and I am your father. I am also Aesir and the Norse god of Peace, Compromise and Just Resolution, though I feel I did not need to tell you that second part.”

Zacchaeus instinctively knew that this man was telling the truth and it scared him.

“Father…,” he tentatively began, “what is going on?”

“My son, I have been watching you for the last 20 years of your life. I needed to see what caliber of person you were before I could tell you what I am about to tell you. Know that I have judged you to be a worthy son. In a world that is often cruel and unforgiving, you have shown the good judgment to what you believe to be right regardless of any who oppose you. This, my son, is no mere dream for you will have no problems remembering all the details of this encounter when you wake. This is a visitation and its purpose is two-fold. The first is so that I may tell you that I accept you by virtue of your deeds as one of my blood. Zacchaeus, I am proud of you.”

Still reeling from the shock of everything that he was just told, Zac find himself in less shock than he would think was normal. Somehow, there is no doubt in his heart when he heard this man’s, his father’s, pronouncement. Everything makes so much sense now. He always was better than the other’s in his classes. This was usually just chalked up to his being Asian. Now, he knows that it was because he has the blood of a god running through his arteries.

“I can see that you are in shock but I don’t see any disbelief in your eyes. You know what I am saying is true and this knowledge makes it much easier on you. I am glad that this is going so smoothly for me. I can tell you that some of Thor’s children aren’t as easy going as you are.”

Finally recovering enough to speak, Zac says, “You said that there were two things that you wanted to tell me. What is the second?”

With a laugh that comes from deep within him, Forseti responds, “Well then, right back to business. The second is that Ragnarok is coming. Let me forestall your response by saying, yes, since it hasn’t come yet it would have to still be coming. But the time is closer than most think. The gods and the titans will do battle and many on both sides will die. The World Tree will be covered in flames and there is the possibility that all will come to an end on that day in a way that John’s Book of Revelation only provides a glimpse of. I know that you have read the prophecies and know them well. Many believe that I will not engage in the final battle. I can tell you, though, that I will be fighting the battle in mine own way. We of the Aesir have a great advantage over those from the other pantheons. We know what fate has in store for us.

What isn’t known, though, is what you will do, my scion. There is nothing in the prophecies about you or others like you. So, since I have judged you worthy of the blood that runs through your arteries, I am curious to see what you will do. You have a long journey ahead of you but I will not send you forth unarmed. My second purpose is to present your with the gifts that are yours by virtue of your being my son. These birthrights, if used wisely, will be helpful to you as you unravel the thread that is your life.”

Looking into Zac’s eyes and putting his right hand on Zac’s shoulder, Forseti continues, “My time is short and I must leave you now. I know that you have many questions but that you also understand that I cannot answer them now. And so, my son, with whom I am well pleased, wake and go forth into the world. Show it who you are and I am sure you will make my proud.”

With those final words, a bright light starts to emanate from the divinity and all turns white.

Smiling at the memory, Zacchaeus picks up the phone and listens to the message. A familiar voice, as if from a dream, greets him.

“Well Zac, I guess you are already on the path to being a good son. I mean you don’t even pick up a call from your old man! Anyway, there was something I didn’t get to tell you. I told you that you would be getting gifts but didn’t tell you what your birthrights were. I will remedy that now.

The first is the statue of the Xiezhi. You know what this is and what it means but what you don’t know is that it is a relic of great power. It will serve as a focus for your powers and you must keep it with you at all times.

The second is the cellphone that you are holding in your hand now. It can also serve as a focus for your power so you must keep this with you at all times also. When you start playing with your new toy, you will notice that there is already a number in your phonebook.

The third is related to that number. Now, I know that our zeyde gave you a gift before you left and so you would probably not want a weapon. Instead, I give you a different kind of blunt instrument. If you send a message to that number, whether it be text or voice, you will be able to summon a group of warriors that will serve you. Remember that they aren’t the brightest bulbs of the bunch but you will be hard pressed to find more capable warriors. It will take them a little while to get to you but they can appear from any kind of power source, whether it be from your phone battery or a wall socket.

Take your time and figure out what their limitations are. You have much potential and will surely do me proud.

Now, go forth and show the world who you truly are!”

Deleting the message, Zacchaeus examines his birthrights and decides on his first order of business as the son of Forseti.

“First things first… Gotta change that ringtone…”

Lee Zacchaeus Yuan Jia

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