Captain Jorgan

Name – Jorgan Calling – Pantheon – Norse
Player – Erik Nature – Libertine God – Njord
Strength – 2 Decterity – 5 2 Stamina – 3
Charisma – 3 1 Manipulation – 1 Appearance – 3 1
Perception – 3 2 Intelligence – 3 1 Wits – 4 2

(bold = epic attributes)

Trick Shooter Telescopic Senses Opening Gambit Social Chameleon
Monkey Climber Perfect Memory Spatial Attunement
Academics 1 Marksmenship 4 Melee 1
Athletics 3 Larceny 3 Occult 3
Awareness 3 Stealth 3
Command 3 Survival 3
Control (Sea Craft) 3
Followers 5
Relic 4
Guide 2
Death 1
Moon 1
Courage 2
Endurance 3
Expression 1
Loyalty 3

Living on the streets from the age of 13 Jorgan had to steal from villages and kill wild game for food with a hunting rifle he stole from a farmer. He also learn how to make traps to catch deer and other animals for food. As he was sleeping in the forest one night he woke up surround by a group of men in uniforms. He quickly went to grab his gun and knife as he grabbed his knife he was quickly disarmed; then he reached for his gun and was shot by another man in the group then he blacked out. Later he finds himself behind bars in a Russian Prison.

In prison he learned how to use his speed and his skills to steal from other inmates. He had to learn how to defend himself because he wasnt a talk so he tried to stay out of trouble but almost was sentenced to death for a murder he commited in jail from a robbery gone wrong but by using his wits he managed to frame a couple of Mafia members and they were sentenced to death for his wrong doings. He was released from prison for resisting arrest on his 19th birthday.

He then decided to try and make a living by doing competitive Shooting and fine tuned his shooting skills on a compition tour he was spotted by a military recruiter for his shooting and was sent to a military academy. He was taught basics of school because of his lack of schooling. And was taught how to advanced driving for boats and air vehicles for Spec Ops. He was never the best at talking and was caught during a his second mission and almost killed but amazingly survived a 20 story building fall and fled the country in shame.


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