The Death of Gleb

After getting by the giants our godlings found themselves in the sewer system of a major city. It looked like a darker version of our own earth with no high technology. So they went to the most obvious place to gather information. The public library. It was a desolate cold place that smelled only of old books. No one had even set foot in the place since it had been built. This worked well for our godlings though, since they could do their research in peace.

They found that electricity as a whole did not exist. Only the ruling caste had access to any form of higher technology. The world was formed a mere five thousand years ago and it was still in the shape of pangea. There were however outlying islands. So after much debate our young heroes decided that is what stuck out and they must investigate.

After arriving on the island they decided to drive around looking for anything out of place. It took them a while, but eventually they found one area where there was an illusion blocking a certain area from their sight. So they stopped and inspected the area. Indeed it was far out of the norm, it was an opening with a bright white light shining down from the heavens. Some quick investigation proved that the light was able to be manipulated and they could climb the light up to the heavens.

Not long after this discovery they ascended on this white light to the halls of the giant recreation of Asgard. They were in the middle of a feast hall that was incredibly stark. The only furniture decorating it was a large feast table surrounded by many chairs. On either end of the table there were chairs that were far larger then the rest. One of our godlings (who up until now have remained nameless for fear of retribution from the Titans), shall finally be named. He was Gleb a Scion of Thor. Son of the Mightiest warrior in Asgard. He wanted to make his mark upon these profane halls of the giants. He asked for another one of our godlings’ hammer. Gleb swung a mighty swing and smashed one of the arms of this giant stone throne.

This was the end of him though, since several of the giant gods heard the commotion. One of them came running to destroy the intruder. Luckily Gleb did not notice him at first and so his mighty swing was useless against Gleb. Gleb used this time to try to escape and fled back down the white light. Unfortunately this giants was far to fast and caught back up to him and killed him with one mighty swing.

One the ground the rest of our godlings retrieved Gleb’s body. They decided to bury him at the top of mount Everest.

Not long after the burial our godlings were visited by three of the gods. Idun, Thor, and Vidar told them that they were doing good, and that one of Vidar’s sons would be joining their group.

Together with their new member and minus Gleb. They traveled down the last of the four paths. They traveled south to rescue the soul of “Bob” so that next time he reincarnates he might be uncorrupted. This path took them not to some other dimension like the previous three, but instead it took them to the south end of Japan.

It did not take the characters long to find the village where “Bob” had been staying. The village was a small tight knit farming community, but there was definately something lingering under the surface. “Bob” had been well liked until he gradually withdrew from the people of the village. His friend during this time of withdrawl was their first lead and so far has proven to be the best.

Since this evil demon that had corrupted “Bob” is a shapechanger and mind reader the only thing that they can’t do is duplicate their victims skills. Knowing this, they checked the fields and sure enough the crops were not maintained as a farmer who had been practicing his craft for thirty years would have maintained them.

So we left off with our heroes searching for any other clues to prove for certain that indeed this is the demon they are looking for.

A Brief Trip to Mictlan

After our young godlings finished up in Mimir’s Well they found themselves full of new knowledge, but without the capabilites yet of using said knowledge. They figured that they must either fool the gods themselves or come up with an alternate plan to free Baldur from the grips of Hel. But that will be another adventure for another day.

They then moved on to their next task at hand, which was to free their friends of the Aztec Pantheon from the clutches of Mictlan. They set off on their journey where they were greeted by a guide to lead them to this mystical location. Although the journey is quite long and difficult to those newly departed souls of the Aztecs, it can be circumvented by the gods and thus they arrived in mere moments.

The lord and lady of the land of the dead gave them a simple proposition. Since the dwindling of their people, their number of souls going into their world has steadily dropped. They would not readily give up two of their favorite ones. So they requested that the godlings steal souls for them. One of our intrepid heroes had a different idea though. He suggested getting souls in a different manner. By helping repopulate their race with a fresh infusion of powerful blood. So he went about impregnating all the Aztec women he could find. This was no task for the faint of heart though. The attractive and young ones were already spoken for, so it was the ugly and deformed he must impregnate.

After he finished this task the lord and lady of Mictlan released the souls of the Aztec heroes that they held. So these two heroes are once again free to be of service to their gods.

They then set out for their next task, stopping the false Midgard. After a long arduous trek they arrived at their destination just to find that is was guarded by two giants ar more powerful then them. With some trickery though, they were able to sneak by them. This is where we stopped with two confused giants, and our heroes just entering into the world of humans as it would be if it were created by giants.

This task is not for the faint of heart though and it is likely they will be seeing many other challenges in their attempt to stop these powerful beings from usurping the world.

The Well of Knowledge

After our young deities were visited by Hildr their Valkyrie guide they set forth to Norway without delay. All except one. One of their number decided that by sea was safer then with the utmost haste as requested by their guide. So he set forth at a rather slow pace while his allies were presented with the question of which direction to go, he was sailing north in the Pacific Ocean.

After a few days at sea he thought better of it and docked to take a hyper sonic jet, and only arrived a little while after our other godlings set off to the North. As you might recall to the North was the path of Knowledge to gain insight in the downfall of Loki.

That is exactly what our godlings found. They found Mimir’s well, it had been left mostly deserted for eons (ever since the Aesir Vanir War). With Odin holding the key to the knowledge within, the only ones who could gain the knowledge from it would be those that Odin allows to see it’s secrets.

They made an arduous trek across the world tree down to it’s very roots. Then around to the well that grants life to the very tree the holds all the worlds on it’s branches. They had to make a slight detour or else run face to face with one of the most fearsome monsters in all existence. Once they reached the bottom and their trek had ended they tested the waters and then dove in.

Mimir’s well is an interesting phenomenon. As our godlings sunk to the bottom of the sea it’s life giving waters filled their lungs, ears, noses and mouths. It coated their skin and swirled before their eyes. The waters sustained them while swirling into physical manifestations of the very knowledge they sought.

Unfortunately we ended with them still seeking the rest of the knowledge they need, but they did find out many things in their time there. They found that Loki wasn’t all the evil villian he has been made to be. They found that his children are mistreated and he wants a better life for them. Most importantly though they found that the Scheme that brings about the Death of Baldur might not succeed. They then sought other answers including the one where we left them with…..the way to prevent the death of Baldur.

The Compass of Fate

GM’s Note – This is going to be gone over on Monday. I just want to get it posted, because this is a pretty important decision and I wanted to give you guys a chance to think about it before Monday if you wanted.

Hildr the Valkyrie returns to visit our young fledgling gods. She tells them that they need to meet her in Gokstad, Norway at the Cemetary.

Our godlings travel there only to be met by Hildr again at the front gates. She says “I have had you meet me here because this is where our ancestor’s bodies lie. You are the reason why they gave their lives. They gladly died so the future generations would have a chance. So it is on their graves that I give you this choice. The fates are starting to recognize you. They are beginning to weave a web around you. In order for you to aid use there are only four paths that you can take.

To the North is the first path. To the north is the path of the unknown. Our ancestors were great travelers who ventured and conquered far. However they never took over the Artic it was a foreboding place that remained a mystery even into the twilight of our empire. The path to MĂ­misbrunnr lies in that direction. Mimmir’s Well is where the all father gained his wisdom. You can brave the power of the well to gain insight into the fall of Loki and hopefully aid your parents in the upcoming great war.

To the East is the second path. To the east is land and stability. This is where our allied barbarian tribes lived and to this day is a place of friendship. Here you will find the path to Mictlan. The Aztec hell. Your Aztec friends went their instead of their rightful resting place, because they did not die in battle. Although their ichor and minds live on in your blood, their souls rest in Mictlan. If you succeed in rescuing them from Mictlan and return them to the world of the living you will have mighty allies indeed and possibly even curry enough favor with their parents that they to will aid you.

To the South is the third path. The south is the direction of the enemy. It is the direction of those that we conquered and those who would conquer us. It is the direction that gave us this graveyard. Along this path you will find a Titanspawn. One so powerful that he was able to corrupt a scion of a noble deity. Your enemy Bob once would have been your ally, instead he is now awaiting reincarnation in agreement with the laws of his god. If you exact revenge upon this creature you will allow Bob’s spirit to become uncorrupted and when he is reborn he will be noble once again.

To the West is the fourth path. The West is the direction of the ocean, exploration, and adventure. This is the path that will take you far from anything you have ever known. It will take you to the far ends of Yggdrasil to solve a little problem of giants creating a new Midgard. One that will one day if they have their way be as prosperous as this one. Then with the role of Midgard filled they would sever the stem of Midgard and let it fall into the mouth of Nidhogg.

You must chose one of these paths to aid us in Ragnarok. When you are ready just walk towards the direction and the path will become apparent to you.

The Death of Bob

Now that our fledgling gods had two pieces of the powerful relic in their possession they chad a choice to make as to the fate of said relic. They chose to dismantle it rather then try to harness the power. They summoned one of their members guide from the very halls of Valhalla. As a servant of Odin the wise in the halls of Valhalla she was the perfect one to deliver a message.

Odin showed up shortly to the summons. Although he was none to pleased with his son for allowing the statue even start to be re-constructed, he allowed the group to decide what happened to the statue. They decided there was no place safer for the bulk of the relic then inside the very walls of Valhalla itself. So the statue was brought back by our Valkyrie guide and buried under the stone of the floors of the mightiest structure ever to have existed.

They then traveled to Bob’s home to haggle over the price of him getting the statue back, but he was not keen at being at the disadvantageous position. So he tried to leave, so he could meet them on terms more to his liking. However they had other plans and rushed his house. Unfortunately he made it to his safe room before they could get to him. His efforts all proved for not, because one of our godling’s pets was able to go through the escape route and break through the door while one of our heroes simply kicked in the door.

He used his powers of persuasion to convince one of the godlings to attack another, but it proved to be in vain as his throat was ripped out by the Neon Tiger.

As they stood there, some of them coated in the blood of their enemy, the heroes knew that a mighty blow had been struck for the side of the gods at Ragnarok. They also knew that this was just the beginning. For even though he was the mastermind of a plot which was meant to cause chaos world wide, there still were other questions like who was meant to gain from this chaos. That my friends is a story for another time, one that has yet to be written.

Recovering the Relic

The intrepid godlings now had everything they needed to find both “Bob” and the relic of great power. They chose to remove the relic from the equation first. Based on the vision had by the resident seer they traveled to Southern California to find a mysterious half pyramid.

Once there they found the house off in the distance that was the one from the seers vision. So they go to it. The house was set up as a model home, but one of our godlings took a page from his father’s book and decided that his fist was the better part of valor and ransacked the house, the walls, the floor, yes and even the kitchen sink. He soon found a set of keys with about two dozen keys on it. Later on in the house he found a lock box completely sealed within the wall that was opened by one of the keys from the keyring. Inside was the key to open the shed in the backyard.

Once the door swung open to the shed, the heroes immediately knew something was up. Their was dirt where there shouldn’t be. So one of our godlings used rope to yank the statue relic from the room without stepping foot in it. As soon as the statue was moved the vials of blood attached underneath the statue summoned forth the living dead from the earth. These living dead went after our godlings, who promptly rushed the statue to the awaiting truck.

Some of our group stayed behind to slay the undead while the others rushed the statue to safety.

Now it was time for them to go after Bob.

About Three Aztecs and a Relic

Our champions caught their prey just as he drove into the city. One among their number tried the disable his vehicle, but the range, speed, and size of the target were just to much for him to compensate for, but his bumper will forever remember that Remington.

Since he was now inside the city, there was to much chance of things going awry by trying to take out his vehicle from a distance, so they closed at high rates of speed, swerving around vehicle and running red lights, at least for a few seconds. Their magician decided to turn his lights red, and theirs to green.

One of our godlings was chasing this villain down on a motorcycle, and another was flying behind the motorcycle while holding on the the back of the seat for extra speed. These two caught him first. The driver in a moment of brashness that would do his father proud, leaped from his bike onto the hood of the car, while the flying one cut through the entire back half of the car with his legendary weapon.

Unfortunately their victory was short lived. A drunk driver could not avoid the wreckage in the intersection and plowed into them at over 80 miles an hour. Our brash one shrugged off the impact as if it was nothing. The flying one was actually a little behind the car due to his cleaving it in twain and thus did not take the full impact. The driver wound up in his car quite far from the original impact, but he too seemed unhurt.

Death flew down from the sky to claim those that had been judged for death, and impaled him with a giant ivory tusk. They weapon plowed through what was left of the windshield and our villains head.

Using good investigative work they found his base of operations.

There they found many things. His house was full of junk, but little of it was worth while. First was the three Aztecs. They found the ghosts of three Aztecs who had been tortured and imprisoned by our villain.

These three talked for a while before the magician in our heroes figured out that they could still be of service to their gods and our heroes. Two f the three agreed while the third refused for he would rather be released into the land of the dead. One chose our brash young friend for their parents were similar and they matched up quite nicely. While the other didn’t really mind who they were paired with.

Once our godlings had paired with these two, they found our villain’s safe that contained the Aztec relics. They looked through the house and found little clues, but it was our magician having a foretelling that revealed the most information. She saw “Bob” being connected and trying to reforged this powerful relic that he was originally trying to employ them to help him with. He also is the one who employed this nefarious being to help him get the relic.

So our heroes left this house of corpses, hoping that the light of day would show it for what it was.

The Doom of the "Farm"

Our intrepid group of godlings decided that the best way to take out the “pigs” was to procure some high explosives and lay waste to the “farm”. One of their number found a contact in a dark alley who knew a guy who could get them some. Unfortunately he had a rather bad memory and needed money for the treatment.

So he told them of a warehouse where they could find what they needed. Their contact did as any good or evil illegal weapons dealer would do, and asked for an absurd amount of money. Little did he know that his customers were the children of the gods and money was of little consequence. And within the day our godlings had 10 kilos of C4.

Not much longer after this, the barn behind the compound at the farm was destroyed in a glorious series of explosions.

They followed a tunnel leading from the barn to a distant carport, which had now been vacated. Luckily one of their numbers is a rather accomplished sorceress. She used her formidable magic skills to track their prey. They were several miles from their own cars though and he already had a head start back to civilization. So two of them sprinted back to their vehicles (a rather impressive task in of itself when you think that even the best athletes rarely sprint for more then 30 seconds or so, and our champions did so for nearly six miles.) They then picked up the group and the chase began.

It might seem impossible, but when moving over rugged terrain in the middle of nowhere, it is more about navigation then about speed. And our heroes were masters of just this. And let us emphasize the drivers at this point, because it does no good to navigate the terrain well, if the driver cannot make the best use of this.

The Outback

After our crew of godlings had taken a look around the giant’s apartment, they set off for the Australian Outback. The fire giant that they had been dealing with had gotten his boars from a farm in the Australian Outback far away from any normal civilzation.

So our adventuring godlings took a flight to Australia. Without much hesitation they rented a car and traveled to the far reaches of the outback. Sure enough there was a giant compound for the boars.

Infiltrating the base was difficult as our godlings were faced with sensors that ranged from motion detectors to infrared video cameras. They faced traps that included armed guards, sinkholes, and explosives. However two among them led the charge through these traps and detectors to guide them safely to the “farm”.

Once there, two of them tried to sneak into the base. The guards spotted one of them and opened fire. This was their undoing though. Although the base was guarded by forty well armed and well trained soldiers. They were just mortals, and mortals are no match for gods. As a testament to their training and ability though two of our godlings bear wounds.

Nearly half of these guards were killed while the godlings laid seige to the compound. What had started as a mission of stealth quickly became a war as thousands of rounds were fired in seconds, and entire walls of the compound were reduced to rubble.

While the battle moved inside the compound one stayed out to investigate a giant “pig shed” on the outskirts of the compound. Inside he found thirty more of these “pigs”. Unfortunately there was no means of disposing of them at hand.

Our heroes found a passageway that led underneath the building out to the giant “pig shed”. They followed the path until one noticed that the floor was not right. It became an illusion and underneath there was only a fall that would kill even some of the less mighty godlings. So they decided to take the over ground route.

They found what they believed to be their target walking towards them surrounded by thirty boars. They decided discretion to be the better part of valor, and left. They would come back a different day to destroy him.

When they got back to their hotel, they were again greeted by “Bob”. He offered them an interesting offer. He would make one of their cruise missiles invisible to any normal means of detection, so they could destroy the complex in secrecy in exchange for them retrieving a relic for them.

Legendary Deeds

On a cold summer morning our heroes first gathered at JFK airport. They had been told to gather together by their parents to help protect Midgard from Ragnarok. Before they even had a chance to get on their way a strange little fellow came running into the baggage claim.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” gulp of air “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

I can not and will not write how their conversation took place all you need to know is that after trying to convince them for several minutes that they must go find a “pig” and kill it, finally Jorgan spoke up and told the group that this odd, crazy individual was indeed his guide.

It might seem odd to have someone sent to guide a group of godlings who is completely insane, but then again who better. Anything he sees or foretells is completely normal to him.

After much debating on the pros and cons of listening to someone who cannot legally make his own decisions (let alone someone else’) the group decided to go find this “pig”.

Gaining entry into the zoo was a simple matter for a group that includes people of intellect far beyond a normal human. Same for making their way to this “pig” unseen.

Their was one standing outside the pig pen. One of our godlings could tell that he was tied to all the cops guarding the facility. A brash young godling rushed past this stranger and dove sword first onto this pig. The battle raged for several minutes before the pig was killed. This was not enough for one. And twenty minutes after a battle that lasted for only three the head of the pig had been sawed off it’s body.

Normal people have never even seen or even heard about pigs such as these, but several among the group of godlings had heard of them before and knew that their tusks were valuable prizes. Their tusks are sharper then even the sharpest steel and can cut through armor (even their own hide).

Our intrepid group of godlings then traveled to Los Angeles to kill a second “pig”. They found a fire giant at the zoo though. While most of the group followed the sinister giant to his lair, one stayed behind to make sure the “pig” did no harm to the mortals.

By the end of the night both the second pig and the fire giant were slain, and the group had used their divine powers to locate one of the giants contacts in the Australian outback.


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